C5 Gathering of the Vulnerability Wranglers 2.0 (PANEL)
Date & Time
Monday, June 22, 2020, 3:55 PM - 4:55 PM
Mark Arnold Adrian Sanabria

As vulnerabilities scale,  the art of vulnerability wrangling in response has been forced to evolve. In this session, our wranglers will present their perspectives on the current vulnerability landscape to help (us) assess risk, understand abstraction, and prioritize remediation. Attendees will gain insights from our experienced panelists, drawing upon our collective experiences to avoid common pitfalls wrangling vulnerabilities. Our wranglers will also afford attendees to engage in conversation regarding their specific wrangling challenges.

  • Understanding the changing methods in vulnerability management (wrangling) across enterprises, including but not limited to cloud, IoT, and applications
  • A strategy for navigating the current state of vulnerability management
  • Novel tips and tricks for improved vulnerability wrangling
Technical Level: Medium
Session Type
Main Conference Session