E10 Challenging Insider Threats: Cyberspace Insider Threat Triage (CITT) Plan
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 10:25 AM - 11:15 AM
Velma Latson

A systematic review of a research study explored crisis management in cyberspace where crises occur from data breaches caused by insider threats. Risk assessment, training and cybersecurity awareness, and cyber user behavior were emerging themes from the evidence. Implications for management practitioners offers an assessment tool, the Cyberspace Insider Threat Triage (CITT) plan, to put into practical use a strategy to challenge insider threats.

A practical use for a “Cyberspace Insider Threat Triage (CITT)” plan is to identify the most critical crisis per insider incident to become a crisis-prepared organization. The CITT plan can: a) prioritize cyber user behavior, b) identify consequences, and c) apply available options in the occurrence of an incident. An examination of the application of the CITT plan will describe the effectiveness of the CITT plan towards developing crisis-prepared organizations evaluated by a risk assessment tool.

  • Risk assessment tool
  • Crisis management process
  • Insider threat management strategy

Technical Level: Low

Session Type
Main Conference Session