E9 Level Up! Business Communications Strategies to Advance and Lead Projects with Precision
Date & Time
Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 4:00 PM - 4:50 PM

Being an information technology security practitioner comes with a myriad of communication responsibilities throughout the lifecycle of your career. While you likely concentrated on technical classes in college, odds are that you didn’t spend much time in a speech or debate class. Anyone who has collaborated with colleagues on a group project knows just how hard it can be to share and receive ideas. To move the project along, it is essential for everyone to communicate as clearly as possible – especially with decision makers outside of your department or organization. The same holds true even when you’re sending e-mail to one coworker: say the wrong thing, and you may damage or even jeopardize a key professional relationship.

Team leaders and managers often spend much more effort interacting with their team as well as internal/external decision makers. They spend far more time in meetings and other verbal communication settings than they’ll invest into hands-on matters. Failure to properly communicate may result in a failed result and when it incomes to budgetary meetings or presentations, a lack of funding. This is where being an effective communicator becomes an essential asset.

During this session, award-winning branding and communications business strategist, Shakira M. Brown, will address methods for the variety of communication challenges you face. Brown will examine strategies for communicating with users who are compliant and the utterly resistant. You will learn effective ways for communicating on tough issues as well as powerful methods to influence and persuade when you need to the most.

  • Proactively communicate and position work plans for maximum success
  • Strategies for navigating touchy situations, with specific words to avoid and phrases to use
  • Techniques for removing nonverbal barriers to communication (that you likely didn't even know were there!)
  • Influential and persuasive communication to get more of what you want
  • Tactics to present in front of groups with improved confidence

Technical Level: Low

Session Type
Main Conference Session