F4 Cracking the Cyber Liability Code
Date & Time
Monday, June 22, 2020, 2:45 PM - 3:35 PM
Sean Scranton Shelly Thomas

Recent incidents emphasize how CISOs can be held accountable for cyber-related events, which may be mitigated by cyber liability insurance. However, are you sure your insurance company will pay a claim? What about those confusing forms? It's also difficult to determine how much insurance you really need.

Go behind the scenes with actual cyber insurance underwriters in an interactive session that will crack the code of cyber insurance and provide what you need to know about this product. We provide you with the knowledge to understand coverage issues, highlight how you can efficiently work through the application process, and ask the right questions to effectively negotiate your premium. Additionally, we discuss real-life scenarios that lead to denial of claims.

  • Understand the current cyber liability market
  • Identify common coverages and exclusions
  • Understand why claims are denied
  • Know the Do’s and Don’ts when filling out your application
  • Identify key factors to determine how much insurance you need

Technical Level: Medium

Session Type
Main Conference Session