Full Name
Laurence Pitt
Job Title
Technical Security Lead
Juniper Networks
Speaker Bio
Laurence is Technical Security Lead at Juniper Networks. With over twenty years’ experience in the computer industry he enjoys creating content that will challenge and entertain audiences in equal measures. It is his aim that the content will start conversations or pique ideas, so that when people leave a session they want to talk to others and make his ideas their own.

In his role at Juniper, Laurence is a regular content creator and has a regular by-line with http://www.securityweek.com, he is also often quoted in other online platforms as a subject matter expert as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Something that people ask is ‘where do the ideas come from’, and the answer is that they come from anywhere. It could be another article, a dinner conversation – or sometimes even when out walking the dog and just enjoying his local countryside.
Laurence Pitt