Full Name
Mr. Eddie Doyle
Job Title
Global Security Strategist
Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.
Speaker Bio
From English language teacher to cyber-security business executive, Eddie Doyle has the unique ability to articulate in non-technical language, the risks associated by avoiding internet security best practices.

With a particular interest in educating people to become human firewalls in the combat against social engineering, Eddie realizes that hackers exploit the DNA of trust within us, often as their first line of attack & he teaches people how to identify & resist the conn man, while not interrupting business as usual. With a focus on cyber-crime & cyber-terrorism, Eddie’s keynotes help individuals & corporations alike, to stay ahead of the newest threats. Protecting people online and in life has been Eddie’s passion for over twenty years and he defines his success by his zealous love of education and training and his commitment to building rich, meaningful and key relationships.