Full Name
Mr. Joshua Washington
Job Title
Lee Malveaux
Speaker Bio
For the last 10 years Joshua Washington has worked as a speaker, coach, trainer, and consultant for some of todays top performing business in healthcare and high education.. More recently Joshua now works with one of the largest Healthcare organizations in the country (based in Florida), helping teams to develop leaders that can produce high quality teams, and ultimately enhance the consumer experience, which results in a higher percentage of customer loyalty._x000D_
Lee Malveaux Business Solutions focuses on helping organizations maximize their greatest resource, their people! We believe that everything rises and falls on leadership, which is why our team focuses on leadership training and development, as well as how to enhance the consumer experience, this results in an increase of customer loyalty. Research has revealed that currently organizations across many industries are facing real challenges when it comes to hiring adequate personnel quality. Our belief is that while hiring is an important piece to building and sustaining high service quality, the development and nurturing of an organizations talent is also vitally important, however, this area is unfortunately often over looked. If you are ready to invest into developing leaders within your organization, produce high performing teams, and create a greater experience for your consumers, please contact Lee Malveaux.
Joshua Washington