First Keynote Speaker Announced!

Helen Wetherley Knight
Calgary Drop In & Rehab Centre Society
Helen Wetherley Knight’s passion for IT ignited when she learned to program at the age of 9 – and still burns bright. Now with over 20 year’s work experience as visionary and strategist, Helen continues to bring significant and meaningful business transformation through the secure application of technology. Extensive work experience and an unending thirst for knowledge are the backbone of her ability to influence, design, solve problems and implement effective strategic change.

As Director of IT for the largest housing-focused emergency shelter in North America, Helen is transforming the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community and the people who support and serve them. Her strategic, multi-year, multi-phased, digital transformation affects all aspects of the shelter from back office Client Relationship Management to optimized and secure front-line self-service delivery for clients. This transformation revolutionizes the vital services delivered at the shelter, improving speed of delivery and increasing individuals’ capacity for independence. However, optimization at one shelter doesn’t address the interrelated delivery of social services so Helen is also focusing her passion for significant and meaningful change on interrelated and secure social services with an innovative federated identity solution. This will identify end-to-end usage across services and inform the advocacy required to end chronic homelessness.

Disrupting the Disrupted: Emergency Services Digital Transformation

Blockchain, data analytics and identity services are successfully selling you more products on Amazon, but they promise so much more. Helen is leveraging the latest technologies and innovating a unique approach to delivering services to society’s most vulnerable citizens. Utilizing passive identity technologies linked to innovative relationship management systems, Helen has created the framework necessary to provide real-time, end-to-end visibility into service use. Her solutions optimize service delivery and provide the tools to advocate for the support necessary to end chronic homelessness.

· How to build a case for transformation when there is no budget
· How blockchain, identity technology and cloud can federate disparate agencies
· How to build an IT roadmap and lead from chaos to innovation