How to Build an Effective Insider Risk Management Program - Without Being Big Brother
Date & Time
Tuesday, November 9, 2021, 1:55 PM - 2:20 PM
Todd Thorsen

Data leakage everywhere - but where to effectively start to better manage and contain it?
There isn’t an enterprise in existence that wouldn’t benefit from an insider risk management program and effective tools to manage insider risk. Nearly every enterprise experiences sensitive data theft and confidential data exposure as a direct result of the accidental or deliberate actions of a trusted insider, and close to 70% of those organizations have a DLP tool in place at the time of the breach. Despite how pervasive and serious the risks posed by insiders are, less than 20% of enterprises have a well defined response to insider threats, which means few organizations have an effective insider risk management program in place, and fewer still have a purpose built insider risk detection and response tool that protects data, empowers productivity and addresses insider risk.
During this session, we will share key insights that will help any organization get started with an effective insider risk program, focusing on understanding data movement risks and better containing IP that won’t turn into Big Brother.

Session Type
Main Conference Session