Hindsight Security: Things Breach Victims Wish They Had Done
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 10, 2021, 12:10 PM - 12:35 PM
Matt Hickey

The decisions made in the seconds, minutes, and hours of a security breach carry long-term operational, legal, regulatory, and public relations repercussions. Making the wrong move in the heat of the moment can cost a fortune; it can even end a career. Featuring real-world best practices from the breach response team responsible for defending hundreds of organizations against the SolarWinds, Hafnium, and Kaseya attacks, this session is for executives and operators seeking insight on:

  • The decision-making pitfalls between security and executive teams that stall response time
  • Steps that can be taken before, during, and immediately after an incident
  • Actions that can be taken today to defend against the next headline-worthy breach
  • Data-sovereignty solutions for Canadian organizations that need to comply with national or local regulatory requirements.
Session Type
Main Conference Session