Full Name
Jeremiah Salzberg
Job Title
Senior Director, Security Technologist
Speaker Bio
Jeremiah a security leader with more than 25+ years of security leadership experience in the financial, telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors. He has held security positions responsible for engineering and architecture, pen testing and incident response, as well as numerous CISO-level positions. In his role as security technologist for Sirius, Jeremiah is charged with evaluating current and emerging security technologies to ensure that clients are able to effectively address their cybersecurity challenges, and take a forward-leaning approach to prevention, detection and response. He also engages with Sirius clients to discuss their security strategies. Prior to joining Sirius, Jeremiah served as the Director of the Cyber Threat Center at DefenseStorm.He recently joined Sirius Security from his previous role as Director of the Cyber Threat Center at DefenseStorm.
Jeremiah Salzberg