GuardDog presents: How to Create Successful Attack Surface Management Strategies across the Distributed Enterprise

Monday, September 26
5:55 pm - 6:10 pm EDT

In 2021, the world had 4.1M cybersecurity professionals, up from 3.5M in 2020. Despite this, there were 1,862 recorded data breaches in 2021, costing $6T globally (and anticipated to cost more than $10.5T by 2025). The number of breaches (and costs) are continuing to rise.  We can turn this around by creating responsibilities that are shared by those who manage the infrastructure, allowing us to take a holistic approach to cybersecurity policies and cyber wellness with the creation of roles in IT that can also manage threat scoring and cyber wellness with end-to-end visibility and achievable responses.  These roles should include:  

  •  Attack Surface Monitor
  •  Attack Surface Manager
  •  Attack Surface Architect

This session will show how to lead the movement toward the creation and use of new cybersecurity roles and how to increase the visibility available to turn around these disastrous trends.

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