Incident Response & Investigation

How Being a Rock'n'Roll Engineer for Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, jimi hendrix & Liza Minnelli Taught Me About Incident Response & Mitigation

Monday, September 26
1:40 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

I grew up as an analogue audio/video engineer int he entertainment. Both my parents were engineers too. In my career, we lived on the edge of catastrophe every moment of a live concert. When the audio and video were completely out of sync hours before a live TV broadcast, we had NO CHOICE but to fix it. No Choice. Audio and Video productions are complex networks, without bits and bytes, but just as vulnerable to failure if not outright collapse. What do you do when 120,000 people choose to riot because the lights and sound go out? What happens when a recording console goes up in smoke, 5 minutes before downbeat? I’ve lived analogue chaos and digital chaos. Come on down, hear the stories, re-live the insanity of rock’n’roll and how my failures can help be your successes. Headphones not required. :)

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