Risk Mitigation

Improving Cyber Defender Performance for Enhanced Enterprise Cybersecurity

Monday, September 26
1:40 pm - 2:30 pm EDT

Enterprises are increasingly subject to cyber-attacks that result in varying levels of operational impairment. Traditional cybersecurity education focuses heavily on a technical, computer-network-centric viewpoint. Because people are integral to good enterprise cybersecurity, improving the process of enterprise cybersecurity talent development merits prioritization. It is important to consider what is limiting enterprise-level cybersecurity talent development. Our research suggests four limiting factors: • Current vocabulary and logical constructs are preventing more precise dialogue, critical thinking, and exchange of ideas on enterprise cybersecurity • Modern digital enterprises are large-scale, complex, systems-of-systems that are difficult to fully understand because of human limitations in how much information they can process at one time • There is insufficient knowledge of digital enterprise types, their structure, and operation • There are numerous cybersecurity topical knowledge domains and risk management frameworks leading to fragmented or underdeveloped skills for assuring enterprise cybersecurity Each identified limitation creates an opportunity for improvement. A traditional cyber range is useful for teaching network and device security. What is the analog for teaching enterprise cybersecurity? Version 1.0 of a novel Integrated Virtual Learning Environment for Cybersecurity (IVLE4CTM) has been developed specifically for lifting students’ focus to the enterprise and is currently in use. It contains two key elements: an abstracted reality model of an enterprise attack surface and a well-known risk management work process. Both are integrated into a single virtual learning environment. IVLE4C is purpose built for teaching students and employees how to develop and support an optimized risk management plan for assuring enterprise cybersecurity.

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