Information Security Careers

Aligning Your Talents to Maximize Success in Your Infosec Career

Monday, September 26
2:35 pm - 3:25 pm EDT

It’s common for people to reach out to seasoned security analysts for advice on breaking into information security as a career. When these requests come to us, our initial advice is that “infosec” is not a career - it’s multiple careers - each with knowledge, soft skills, and personality types that may be likely to lead to success and satisfaction. We will break down common infosec domains and highlight elements that might be most beneficial for each. We will also use our own experiences coming from non-technical backgrounds to highlight how to drive success in your infosec career by recognizing and leveraging unique opportunities. We will discuss the necessity of mentors, certifications and networking events, and giving back to the community, both professionally and personally. This talk is targeted toward those wanting to break into the field and is designed to provide useful information for taking ownership of your career and achieving your view of success.

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