Zero Trust

Implementing Zero Trust Principles to Reduce Insider Risk

Tuesday, September 27
10:15 am - 11:05 am EDT

This session will focus on how zero trust principles can improve the effectiveness of prevention and detective controls, assisting in the identification of insider threats to critical assets, improving the effectiveness of an Insider Risk Program. During the presentation recent cyber and physical insider incidents will be highlighted, describing how those incidents evolved over time causing harm to the organization and technical and non-technical risk indicators will be identified in those incidents We will also identify Insider Risk Program best practices, including the CERT Division of the Software Engineering Institute’ 13 Critical Components to Insider Threat Program, to highlight how those incidents might have been prevented and/or detected earlier through the adoption of the best practices. Zero trust principles, including those documented in NIST Special Publication 800-27 “Zero Trust Architecture”, will be mapped against Insider Risk Program Best Practices to provide a crosswalk between the two and recommendations will be made to address common zero trust principles gaps in Insider Risk Programs.

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