Cloud Security

A Secure Opensource Approach to Cloud Native Micro Segmentation

Tuesday, September 27
2:35 pm - 3:25 pm EDT

Unsegmented flat networks with a large blast radius in cloud carries a significant risk of security and availability issues of critical information assets. The complex needs of applications and post pandemic change in workforce dynamics promoting adoption of many “as-a-service” solutions having a footprint in enterprise network (eg. SDP, PaaS connectors). It has become extremely important to segment the network and compute in an effective, sustainable and manageable way to improve security posture and reduce risk of data exposure. The problem statement is simple, but the solution is complicated because of the increased adoption of containerized applications using state of the art microservices and service mesh architecture. Industry offerings are not mature across all the compute options like physical, virtual, container and serverless space. This presentation will focus on the real-life challenges of enterprise and vendor roadmap issues and present an alternate approach of micro segmentation using opensource solutions in managed Kubernetes space and maintaining the security posture of that solution.

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