Security Awareness

The Definition of Insanity: Stop Approaching Security Awareness the Same Way

Tuesday, September 27
11:10 am - 12 pm EDT

Just because it was always done that way, does not make it the right way. This presentation will show the audience how to look at what is wrong with their Security Awareness Program, and then how to figure out how to change it. It will explore the Why, How and When. Why do you train your employees the way you do? Why do your employees view security the way they do? How do you change your SA program? How do you make security important to you employees and when do you make those changes? It starts with understanding your business. If you don't understand the business, how can you possibly know what they need from you? How do you change your image of "The Office of No", to one that is a partner to the business that enables them to securely meet their goals? If you don’t know why you do Security Awareness the way you do, your employees will not understand it either. This will show you how to change your image, how to change your program and how to get your employees to care about security because you make it engaging, fun, and most importantly, relatable. I will give them examples of how I have enhanced our program, including samples of videos that we created ourselves to show how easy it can be to change the way you train from the old school 60 min. pc training course even if you don’t have a budget.

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