Zero Trust

Cyber Ready: Overview on Zero Trust, What Comes Next and What You Can Do Now

Tuesday, September 27
4 pm - 4:25 pm EDT

What does it mean to be in a constant state of Cyber Readiness? What is Zero Trust architecture and how do you get there from a state of legacy networks and security? How can Battle-Tested Systems convert your organization from defense to offense?  The new era of Cyber Security requires an organization to be Cyber Ready, not just passively prepared. We will present what that journey looks like and how it is driven by a Zero Trust framework and Battle-Tested Systems. Continuous improvement is key, and, on too many occasions, organizations believe they are protected and do not try to improve their systems until an actual, potentially catastrophic breach has occurred. This moment of epiphany is entirely avoidable, and we will show you that path to being proactive. Posture Matters, and in this presentation, we will answer all these questions as well as some of your own. We will show you the why, the how, and what you can do right now to fortify your perimeter against the increasingly sophisticated attacks of today and tomorrow while in any stage of your Zero Trust Journey.

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