Monterrey 1
1 pm - 5 pm, Wednesday, September 27
Cloud Native Application Architecture Threat Hunting Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how-to build and refine your knowledge, skill, and capability to hunt for threats against enterprise cloud deployments. Through examples and practical exercises using AWS you will learn how to identify malicious activity, detect threats, and protect cloud native application architectures. We go beyond the traditional approach of examining network traffic and system logs to take a deep dive into layer 7 traffic that is associated with application microservices. Through practical hands-on training you will learn advanced techniques that can be applied to detecting attacks against:   

Kubernetes microservices, serverless functions, API gateways and mobile API endpoints.  

We will also threat hunt for supply chain and insiders threats against CI/CD pipelines. 


Richard Tychansky, Security Researcher, Identity Dynamics Corp. 

* Please note: This is not included in the Main Conference registration and requires a separate registration.

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