Fiesta 2
2:40 pm - 3:30 pm, Monday, September 25
New Finance Means New Heists: State of Hacking in the DeFi World
Cyber Crime
Session Abstract: We have entered the dawn of the web3 era! Finance is becoming decentralized, and smart contracts have allowed a wider world of ways for consumers to quickly engage in loans, settlement, investments and banking. With that, hackers and heisters are looking for new ways to "secure the bag" and steal money out of the many non-regulated and start-up driven DeFi applications that are utilized throughout the web3 world. How are they doing it? What are these risks? How can you stop them? Can you at all?

Summary: Smart contracts are code-based functional agreements and are vulnerable just like applications and networks. However, with a monetary component, it is critical that companies understand these threats, exploitable vulnerabilities, risks associated, and how to mitigate them to protect their users.

Additional Information: Additional topics of coverage can include penetration testing and security assessments, API security, practical configuration management, vendor and third party trust relationships, and governance frameworks and models that secure the application, endpoints, users and the overall security environment as it relates to DeFi protocols and Decentralized Applications.

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