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1:40 pm - 2:30 pm, Monday, September 25
Does Your DevSecOps Pipeline Only Function as Intended?
Session Abstract: With the adoption of DevSecOps tools and techniques and the increased coupling between the product being built and the tools used to build them, the attack surface of the product continues to grow by incorporating segments of the development environment. Using Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), a DevSecOps model can be built that considers system assurance and enables organizations to design and execute a fully integrated DevSecOps strategy. An assurance case can be used to show the adequacy of the model for both the pipeline and the system.

Summary: While builders of systems want to achieve the flexibility and speed expected when applying DevSecOps, reference material and a repeatable defensible process are needed to confirm that a given DevSecOps pipeline is implemented in a secure, safe, and sustainable way.

Additional Information: See attached report that will form the basis of this presentation for more details

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