Fiesta 6
1:40 pm - 2:30 pm, Monday, September 25
Does Cyber Insurance Actually Cover Anything?
Cyber Liability/Insurance
Session Abstract: Pages and pages of questions, hours invested in answering them. Huge increases in premiums. But all you see in the news and hear from colleagues are that insurers don't pay cyber claims. Bring your confusion, complaints and questions to this session for a discussion of what cyber insurance covers, what it doesn't and how to maximize your ability to secure a policy, ensure that it covers your most important assets and potential risks and that you know what to expect if you have a cyber or privacy claim.

Summary: There are a lot of questions among information technology security professionals about cyber insurance. This panel will answer all of your questions about coverage, services, vendors, claims. . . bring questions and get answers.

Additional Information: This panel of insurance and incident response professionals have nearly a hundred years of experience in cyber insurance. We frequently present together as a panel and our presentations/discussions are very highly rated and well attended. We'll be speaking at RSA this year about cyber claims and would love to speak at Infosec World in October.

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