Fiesta 6
2:40 pm - 3:30 pm, Monday, September 25
I Feel the Need – The Need for Speed[y] Recovery: Controlling Business Interruption
Incident Response & Investigation
Session Abstract: As industries become more reliant on technology and automation, cyber incidents are causing larger business income losses. Studies show that income loss has become one of the largest components of damage stemming from a cyber incident – exceeding ransom payments, data recovery, and legal costs. Yet many companies lack a complete understanding of the probable impact of various cyber incident scenarios on their revenue generation. This presentation is aimed at security professionals that know how time intensive the recovery process is, but need tools and examples to set expectations with their non-technical leadership team or cross-functional incident response teams.

Summary: Business Interruption or Business Income Loss is often overlooked when planning for worst-case scenarios. This panel will discuss the impact of cyber incidents on their business operations and revenue generation, and bottlenecks to avoid for a speedy (and safe) recovery.

Additional Information: We will consider how companies could improve resilience for critical revenue-generating systems including contingency planning. We will explore the numerous types of insurance coverages available to mitigate the risk of business income loss including lost production, lost sales, increased labor expenses, and reputational damage. Finally we will analyze common issues surrounding the submission of business income loss claims. Panel Make Up is Diverse and helpful for outside context for your technical audience (1 Cyber Broker, 1 Cyber Forensics/Attorney, 1 Cyber Insurance Coverage Attorney, 1 Forensic Accountant)- ALL FEMALE.

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