Coronado G
11:15 am - 12:05 pm, Monday, September 25
An Executive Guide to Red Teaming
Session Abstract: Red teaming is a proven methodology for identifying vulnerabilities and improving organizational resilience. However, organizations often misunderstand red teaming, resulting in suboptimal outcomes. We will begin by clarifying the meaning of red teaming and outlining what it involves and doesn't. We will delve into the various components that make up red teaming, encompassing activities such as penetration testing, physical security testing, and adversarial simulations, and analyze the circumstances in which each is most suitable.

Summary: This talk will provide an executive guide to red teaming to demystify this powerful technique and equip leaders with the knowledge and tools to leverage it effectively.

Additional Information: We will scrutinize the red teaming process, which entails planning, execution, and reporting. We will provide insight into how to create practical scenarios, formulate effective attack methodologies, simulate adversary behavior accurately, and tackle the cultural and organizational factors that can influence the outcome of red teaming.

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