Fiesta 4
3:35 pm - 4:25 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Cyber Resilience: It’s Not Just About Technology
Governance, Regulation and Compliance
Session Abstract: Rapid acceleration of technology may solve pervasive world problems, but it also translates into rapid acceleration of the avenues for cyber attacks and risks. How can organizations increase cyber resilience? 1) Resilience through governance – by incorporating good cybersecurity oversight and governance throughout their organizations; 2) Resilience through workforce – the pandemic made cybersecurity workforces challenges even harder, including diversity; 3) Resilience through regulations – the government isn’t sitting idly on the sidelines. There’s a lot of new regulation, both in the US and abroad, aimed at improving cyber resilience. We’ll talk about the dynamic regulatory landscape and its impact.

Summary: This session will cover non-technological ways to address cyber resilience, including governance, workforce, and the impact of regulations.

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