Coronado G
10:30 am - 11:20 am, Tuesday, September 26
Penetration Testing for NOT Dummies
Threats (Detection/Hunting/Intelligence/Mitigation/Monitoring)
Session Abstract: Penetration testing is a vital part of a company's cybersecurity defense strategy. Pen testing efforts need to catch 100% of vulnerabilities but cybercriminal need to find just one way to breach your systems. How do you make sure that your pen testing methodologies are correct? In my presentation, I'll take a deep dive into complexities of penetration testing and discuss tools, techniques, limitations, scope and how to best understand what to test. We are not dummies and our pen tests need to be done with intelligence and skills to assess the true scope of system readiness to remediate the findings.

Summary: Pen testing is a vital part of company's cybersecurity strategy. Yet many rely on tools to do the testing and often miss techniques used by cybercriminals. We'll discuss approaches for effective Pen Testing, common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Additional Information: I have presented at numerous cyber security conferences for many years. During this presentation, I want to discuss one of my most refined skill in cybersecurity, which is penetration testing.

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