Coronado E
10:30 am - 11:20 am, Tuesday, September 26
How to Harness the IT Security Powers of the New PCI-DSS v4.0
Governance, Regulation and Compliance
Session Abstract: In 2022, the latest iteration of the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard was finalized and released. This new standard recognizes the latest IT security threats - cybercrimes, ransomware and state actors, among many others, and seeks to address those. Everyone who accepts debit and credit card payments around the world is affected by this standard. Hence, it is important especially for IT security professionals to know what these changes are, and how they can harness it to increase the level of information security.

Summary: This presentation will not only talk about the changes in PCI-DSS v4.0, but also provide a roadmap for dealing with the people-process-technology triad of this standard, as well as reinforcing the other important IT security triad of confidentiality-integrity-availability.

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