Coronado G
2:05 pm - 2:55 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Beyond Burnout: Where We are Today and What We Need to do Now
Information Security Management
Session Abstract: From the pandemic, we have changed and transformed in ways we are still trying to discover. The effects have caused incredible burnout amongst colleagues and personal relationships, and has in ways, impacted managers, teams, and company structure and policies. It is not just burnout. We have another deeper issue that is becoming prevalent, PTSD. As an industry, we need to be aware of it and recognize it in order to be more strategic and integrated.

Summary: This talk discusses mental health issues caused by our industry and what that means for security and the well-being of companies, along with solutions to support one another as we proceed into a new era post-pandemic.

Additional Information: Outline: Introduction: who am I and why this talk is important Disclosure - Hotline for mental health and that this talk was formed with the assistance of Psychologist Ryan Louie Latest data on mental health since the pandemic Growing concerns around Post-Covid Stress Disorder (PCSD) and the rise depression and anxiety (sources: CDC and WHO) What is PCSD Mental Health PTSD PCSD vs PTSD symptoms Warning signs of PTSD PTSD vs burnout symptoms Burnout Warning signs of burnout Is it depression or burnout Symptoms of burnout How our industry is causing mental health issues How research has shown it’s caused by poor leadership and lack of organizations caring Why mental health issues aren’t caused by amount of work How burnout is formed within 6 months for non-managerial and 1-2 yrs for managers Inability to balance personal life and work life due to 24/7/365 demands causing burnout How CISOs are facing mental health issues and how it can trickle down to the security team How to do better (the solutions) Listening and take responsibility for behaviors and treatment of team Accept the new - WFH is here to stay Unplug and disengage in social media from time to time Provide mental health resources and breaks to employees Building an environment of psychology safety Respect Boundaries Advice on awareness of mental health How to approach employees who are exhibiting mental health signs What to do if employee doesn’t want support How to support yourself - cope and balance activities Conclusion: 5 takeaways Look internally and focus on improving the workplace environment. (Toxic executives cause a toxic workplace) Listen to your employees and create impactful changes. (Active listening is the key to happiness) Allow disconnecting policies to occur. (No contact during off hours) Support employees’ work-personal life balance. (Perhaps trying 4-day work week model) Respect boundaries. (Don’t forget: You do not own your employees) Q&A

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