2:30 pm - 3:20 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Selling Security to Executives
Information Security Management

Session Abstract: Topics include: * How to influence funding * Risk tolerance statement and a risk register process diagram * Cybersecurity executive committee * Tabletop exercises include executives within incident response * Cybersecurity risk management framework * Analysis methodologies * Real world examples to present to executives * Strategic planning and accomplishments The session concludes with emphasis on the need to be a change agent and to close on projects, initiatives and risk mitigation. This is a hard charging session. Attendees will leave with tips and real world examples they can leverage upon return to work.Summary: Provides practical advice to communicate security risk, with examples to gain support and funding. Crash course topics: Influence funding, Strategic planning and accomplishments, Four analysis methodologies, Seven examples to present risk to executives and Risk governance practices that produce results.Additional Information: This abstract was written while flipping through the slides of a draft deck. It is about 80% complete. I create slide decks in USAF 'crash course' format. The presentation style is fast paced, covering many slides. That keeps the audience's attention and conveys a significant amount of information within the allotted time. The deck will include resource links at the end which make the PDF a great take-away.

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