4 pm - 4:50 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Vulnerability scanning for the Home-network
Internet of Things (IoT)

Session Abstract: With the advent of dozens of IoT devices in the home network, vulnerabilities within this network are also relevant. A large number of cyber security attacks originate from home devices, such as ip cameras and routers. Attacked IoT devices can also reveal privacy data. How can ordinary users determine the security health of their home networks. Those networks are usually semi-protected by a NAT enabling router that makes scanning from outside the network almost impossible. We present a solution based on open-source OpenKat to scan the home network for vulnerabilities.Summary: A large number of home IoT-devices are used in cyber attacks. Owners are unaware that their devices are being used for this purpose. We present a solution that allows owners of IoT devices to scan their local network for vulnerabilitiesAdditional Information: The work is based on the open source vulnerability scanner OpenKat, developed by the Dutch government.

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Tim Garon
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