Fiesta 2
1:05 pm - 1:55 pm, Tuesday, September 26
We Need a Compliance Control for Retaining Cybersecurity Professionals
Professional & Career Development

Session Abstract: Organizations must examine risk through the lens of our dire talent retention issues. Organizations have control over retaining talent, and yet the statistics are horrifying. Cybersecurity professionals are not happy with their current employment and move jobs regularly. Talent retention controls seem greatly necessary, being that organizations are not following best practices for retaining and or hiring cybersecurity professionals. This negligence puts an organization in a higher risk bracket, and therefore compliance control is greatly needed. Summary: Failing to retain or hire cybersecurity professionals with best practices can elevate risk for organizations. Talent retention is crucial for risk management as these professionals switch jobs frequently due to job dissatisfaction. Compliance control is necessary to mitigate such risks. Additional Information:

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