Fiesta 4
4:30 pm - 4:55 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Darktrace Presents - How AI and Cyber Converge for a Full Lifecycle of Cyber Resilience
Session Abstract: Generative AI is proving to increase productivity and augment humans in new ways. To seize the opportunities AI presents, organizations must first be aware of and manage its risks. That includes understanding how generative AI has changed the threat landscape and the security concerns that come with it – access control, cyber risk and compliance, data privacy, governance, and security. In this session, learn how applying Self-Learning AI across your organization’s digital environment will help your security team prevent, detect, respond, and heal from incidents, including those augmented by generative AI, through every stage of the attack lifecycle. These defensive capabilities share AI outputs with each other to strengthen autonomous insights and actions, giving your teams greater visibility, impact, and control to stay ahead of evolving threats.
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