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12 pm - 12:15 pm, Tuesday, September 26
F5 Presents- Untangling APIs: Addressing Sprawl, Leveraging AI/ML to Secure Your Modern Digital Ecosystem

As organizations adopt hybrid architectures and microservices, the number of APIs used within their ecosystems grows exponentially, leading to API sprawl. API security emerges as a pressing concern among the challenges of security, governance, and efficiency. F5's State of Application Strategy Report (2023) highlights multi-cloud complexity and enforcing consistent security as top hurdles. Addressing this, a holistic app and API security approach is necessary, integrating AI/ML for continuous API discovery, learning, monitoring, traffic inspections, analysis, and anomaly detection. Join the session with Corey Marshall, F5's Director of Solution Engineering, to explore comprehensive API security capabilities, the role of AI/ML in API security, and enhancing existing app security infrastructure for API protection.

Speaker: Corey Marshall, Director, Solutions Engineering, F5

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