4 pm - 4:25 pm, Monday, September 25
Cribl Presents - Modernize your SIEM Architecture to Address Tomorrow’s Security Threats
Session Abstract: Today's cybersecurity landscape faces intensifying threats and uncontrollable compliance costs, prompting a necessity for profound transformation. Conventional SIEM-focused security structures fall short of diverse demands, creating an opportune moment for change. Security professionals grapple with shifting from outdated methods of processing security alerts to seeking alternative strategies. Ed Bailey discusses Cribl's contemporary enhancement of detection architectures and optimal approaches. This modernized detection technology streamlines costs and lessens the administrative burden. By disentangling threat detection from hunting, superior outcomes and flexibility in architecture ensue.

Summary: Cribl Evangelist, Ed Bailey addresses the importance of cybersecurity transformation due to rising threats and overwhelming compliance costs. Cribl's innovative approach, discussed, offers cost management, efficiency, and agility by decoupling threat detection from hunting for optimal results.

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