Todd Fitzgerald
Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, Chairman Executive Committee
CyberRisk Alliance
Todd Fitzgerald promotes CISO leadership and collaboration by hosting the successful SC Media CISO STORIES weekly podcast, advisory board participation, and international speaking engagements. Todd serves as VP, Cybersecurity Strategy, Cybersecurity Collaborative and BluOcean Digital CISO Solutions Executive Advisor. Todd authored 4 books, including #1 Best-selling (2019-2022) and 2020 CANON Cybersecurity Hall of Fame Winning book, CISO COMPASS: Navigating Cybersecurity Leadership Challenges with Insights from Pioneers. Named 2016–17 Chicago CISO of the Year, Todd’s global multi-industry, Fortune 500 senior leadership positions include Northern Trust, Grant Thornton International, Ltd, ManpowerGroup, Wellpoint/National Government Services, Zeneca/Syngenta, IMS Health and American Airlines.
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