2024 Workshop
9 am - 5 pm, Sunday, September 22
CISO Launch™ Crash Course for IT Pros

CISO Launch Crash Course is a targeted 1-day workshop designed for aspiring CISOs and IT professionals building security programs. This workshop focuses on prioritizing projects, managing budgets, and navigating compliance for those establishing cybersecurity in organizations without formal structures or resources. Part of a more comprehensive program, this Crash Course introduces common starting points, first 100 day tasks, and resources to keep growing.

Learning Objectives:

  •  Benefits of a structured cybersecurity program (and frameworks) for IT teams and departments
  •  Manageable and high-impact tasks for IT pros who are juggling other responsibilities
  •  Creating a sustainable program to align IT budget and priorities to business needs and security objectives

* Please note: This is not included in the Main Conference registration and requires a separate registration.

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