2024 Workshop
1 pm - 3 pm, Sunday, September 22
SANS Executive Cybersecurity Exercise

The SANS Executive Cyber Exercise will put you inside a simulated cyber event to help your organization understand what it takes to respond to a cyber incident from a strategic perspective. The simulated exercise will emphasize the importance of a well-practiced cyber crisis plan and the leadership skills required to deal with today's threats. Our facilitators will use real-world experience and industry best practices to expose areas for improvement in an organizations's crisis response plans within a safe environment.

A SANS Executive Cyber Exercise (ECE) is a training activity designed to simulate a cybersecurity crisis. Exercises are conducted in a safe, open, and no-fault environment. Participants assess the severity of the attack and determine an effective strategic response.

Learning Objectives:

  • Ability to better assess organizational readiness for a business response to a cyber crisis
  • Apply industry best practices in cybersecurity, organizational structure, and crisis communications
  • Understand and plan for emerging trends in cybercrime


This workshop has specific criteria for attendance. Attendees who sign up for this workshop will be reviewed and if you do meet the established criteria, you will not be admitted to the workshop.

Criteria for accepting participants into this workshop:

• Executives & Senior Management

• Support function leaders including HR, Finance, Legal, etc.

• Technical Subject Matter Experts 

* Please note: This is not included in the Main Conference registration and requires a separate registration.

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