2024 Session
Fiesta 1
11:15 am - 12 pm, Monday, September 23
WORLD PASS EXCLUSIVE SESSION: Conquering the Post-Quantum Threats of Tomorrow, Today

We stand at the brink of a monumental shift towards post-quantum cryptography (PQC), which poses a significant threat to conventional cryptographic methods. Our ability to navigate the PQC landscape hinges entirely on our pre-quantum readiness today. How can we safeguard our businesses and thrive in a world transformed by quantum computing? In this panel session, experts will discuss trends influencing the post-quantum readiness of today’s enterprises and explore how adopting automated, crypto-agile machine identity management plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless transition to the post-quantum era – well before quantum computers become a widespread reality.

Learning Objectives:

  • Realistic Threat Modeling — Organizations are vulnerable due to their reliance on the internet and cloud-native computing. Learn from recent breaches, like the CircleCI incident and State Department attack involving breached Microsoft accounts, to understand how cryptographic vulnerabilities can be exploited. Establish threat models that encompass traditional and quantum threats
  • Inventory and Asset Management — Know where your keys are and how they're being protected. Implement robust inventory management for cryptographic artifacts, including APIs, machine identities, etc. Understand the dependencies and relationships within your cryptographic infrastructure
  • Operational Agility — Recognize that agility isn't just about changing cryptographic algorithms. It also involves being operationally agile. Ensure you can swiftly respond to cryptographic incidents, update systems and manage cryptographic artifacts. Key management, certificate management and automation are crucial
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