2024 Session
Fiesta 7/8
11:15 am - 12 pm, Monday, September 23
To the Boardroom, & BEYOND! - Transitioning CISOs to a Brighter Future

Session Abstract: It has been a rough year for CISOs. We have witnessed watershed moments of the SEC’s Final Disclosure Rules for material security incidents, CISOs becoming targets of litigation by regulators, not to mention targets of extortion by bad actors ramping up threats of physical violence. CISOs everywhere are looking for new jobs at the same time there is a conspicuous and crushing lack of cybersecurity expertise at the highest levels of corporate governance. The next chapter of data protection is transforming Boards into a critical security control and transitioning CISOs to the board room to produce better outcomes for stakeholders.

Summary: BoD members frequently report that they wish they better understood cybersecurity. CISOs often report they have limited to non-existent exposure to the BoD. This presentation will help bridge the gap from both sides.

Additional Information:

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the factors driving the sea-change of CISOs and other cybersecurity professionals to seek their next green pasture
  • Understand the pitfalls and landmines that have hindered the delivery of value to our corporations, our shareholders and our customers by not understanding the dynamics of cyber governance
  • Transition to the "next level" of career development within the milieu of cybersecurity
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