2024 Session
Fiesta 6
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm, Monday, September 23
The Urgency of Modern Wi-Fi Security

New threat tactics use stealthy LoL techniques, targeting the network edge. Although we can't prevent all attacks, leveraging existing commercially-available network security features can yield easy wins. Not to be overly dramatic, but 99% of your business networks are using technology that's been hacked for over a decade, and we can fix it today.
From the author of "Wireless Security Architecture", this session is a hilariously technical treatise on when, why, and how to upgrade to WPA3 security on your enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Learning Objectives:

  • Highlight benefits of the latest Wi-Fi security suite (WPA3) over current (WPA2)
  • Detail migration paths, options, pros and cons for passphrase and 802.1X-secured networks
  • Offer recommendations for getting started today and additional free resources to learn more
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