2024 Session
Coronado D/E
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm, Monday, September 23
Unlocking AI Risk Governance: Empower Your Cyber GRC Teams!

Leaders balance Gen AI growth with risk. This session will empower GRC teams with frameworks for handling AI risks by recommending security, privacy, risk management, governance guardrails. The session will help participants understand regulatory expectations to build secure, safe, and trustworthy AI. It will cover comparative analysis of Industry standards/frameworks AI Bill of Rights, NIST AI RMF, ISO42001, OECD AI Principles, OWASP LLM Top10 providing unified controls approach. The session will provide AI GRC maturity roadmap focusing on threat factors evaluating the AI risks empowering teams with risk rating methodology for Gen AI.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn regulatory expectations in terms of building a secure, safe, and trustworthy AI to help understand the requirements GRC teams have to prepare their organizations for on a holistic level. Gain understanding of security, privacy, ethical measures they should look for as their businesses grapple with rapid Gen AI adoption
  • Understand a comparative analysis of standards and frameworks such as NIST AI RMF, OECD AI Principles, OWASP LLM Top 10 etc. which have come up in last one year to guide GRC for gen AI use cases
  • learn how to bring together various parts of the organization to establish a well-rounded GRC function to handle Gen AI use cases. Participants will leave with a ready to use toolkit to start their organizations on AI Governance and Risk Management journey enabling their businesses to balance outcomes and risks
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