2024 Session
Fiesta 6
11:15 am - 12 pm, Tuesday, September 24
The Executive Guide to Purple Team Testing

This session targets senior business leaders, introducing Purple Teaming as an essential cybersecurity strategy that merges the offensive capabilities of Red Teams with the defensive insights of Blue Teams to bolster security. It outlines the significance of Purple Teaming, its alignment with business strategies, and its role in closing the gap between technical and executive teams. The talk demonstrates Purple Teaming's effectiveness in combating cyber threats through real-world case studies and provides practical implementation advice. The session also looks at future cybersecurity trends and concludes with a Q&A, empowering leaders to enhance their organization’s cybersecurity resilience.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will learn how Purple Teaming can enhance an organization's overall security posture by combining offensive and defensive cybersecurity strategies
  • The talk will illustrate the importance of aligning cybersecurity initiatives with business strategies, risk management, and organizational goals
  • The session will provide practical guidance on implementing Purple Teaming in organizations, including advice on team structure, required skills, and resource allocation
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