2024 Session
Coronado D/E
1:30 pm - 2:15 pm, Tuesday, September 24
Help for SAD (SEC Anxiety Disorder) - Your Blueprint for Confident Incident Disclosure

Preparing for an 8-K incident disclosure under new SEC regulations has new intricacies that companies must navigate. This session offers attendees a comprehensive roadmap to meet the SEC's expectations so attendees understand emerging best practices based on our analysis of recent 8-K filings. You will understand how to develop critical capabilities such as materiality determination and proactive communications plan for engaging with legal, financial, key stakeholders, and public relations. We'll share how this benefits not only SEC registrants but also SMB and privately held companies and provide helpful insights into the SolarWinds litigation.

Learning Objectives:

  • Attendees will be able to describe the necessary elements required for 8-K disclosure under the new SEC rules in a way that they can tailor to their own business
  • Attendees will understand the legal ramifications of under and over reporting on incidents and how to ensure they get the benefits of "right size" communications
  • Attendees will understand trends from cyber incident 8-K filings since December 2023 and how those compare to filings prior to the new SEC rule. This will give them perspective for advising their own organization on what constitutes best practice based on real world events
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