2024 Workshop
1 pm - 5 pm, Wednesday, September 25
It's Private! From Principles to Pixels

Privacy, correctly implemented and operationalized, can be a market differentiator in today's business world.
Take a stroll through the sometimes misunderstood world of data privacy: looking at regulations, best practices, and operational challenges organizations face as they strive for compliance and maintaining consumer trust.
LevelUP will provide overviews of the key privacy regulations, discuss the direction we see the regulatory landscape heading, and the operational challenges this presents.
We will walk through lessons learned from implementing and supporting comprehensive privacy programs, how to operationalize aspects of your program, and discuss the somewhat opaque world of cookies and consent management.

In this session we will:
- Discuss key U.S. and EU privacy regulations; where we are, where we seem to be heading.
- Walk through operationalization aspects of a privacy program.
- Dive into cookie compliance and consent management.

Learning Objectives:

  • At the end of the session participants will have an understanding of the operational aspects of a holistic privacy program, how they can support or lead these efforts and how structuring and implementing these correctly will help build consumer trust and engagement
  • At the end of the session the participants will have an understanding of the current regulatory landscape in the U.S. and EU for Data Privacy, the direction it appears to be heading in, and the challenges this will present to an organization as it strives for compliance
  • At the end of the session participants will understand the importance of cookie compliance and an accurate consent management process in the digital user journey

* Please note: This is not included in the Main Conference registration and requires a separate registration.

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