2024 Workshop
9 am - 4 pm, Thursday, September 26
(Not Included in World Pass) Medalist Mindset: Leadership Workshop

What performance tools do Olympic athletes use and how can you leverage them to achieve success in your life and business goals? In this one-day leadership workshop, West Strategy Group and Shannon Rowbury OLY delve into the five keys of a Medalist Mindset™ to provide attendees with tools to elevate their performance. 

Why does this matter? Whether you are a current or an aspiring leader, developing strong leadership skills is critical for success in any organization. The psychology and performance optimization tools high-performing athletes use apply directly to the business space and can help make a material difference in the outcomes of leaders and their teams. Attendees will be provided with the tools to clearly define their goals and systemically approach and achieve them.  Join us for this important and engaging workshop!

* Please note: This is not included in the Main Conference registration and requires a separate registration.

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