2024 Keynote
Coronado Ballroom
8:30 am - 9 am, Tuesday, September 24
KEYNOTE - Medalist Mindset: The Synergy of Leadership, Athlete Mindset, Cybersecurity, and Technology for Business Success

Shannon Rowbury is a three-time Olympian and World Record Holder, with over a decade of top-10 World rankings. Bob West has 30 years of Cybersecurity experience, positioning him as a thought leader within the industry. Together they speak from experience about how the fusion of leadership principles with an Olympian’s mindset can offer a potent approach to meet today’s evolving demands. Leadership qualities like adaptability, resiliency, and clear goal setting complement the discipline, determination, and performance focus inherent in Olympic athletes: When these practices are applied in a business context, the result is optimized performance.

Adopting a Medalist Mindset™ is particularly relevant in the realm of cybersecurity and technology, where leaders must navigate constant change and cyber threats. Integrating sports performance tools into technology leadership roles and fostering a culture of cybersecurity resilience is essential. By recognizing this synergy, businesses can equip their leaders to thrive in the face of technological disruptions and security challenges, ultimately ensuring sustainable success in the digital age.

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