Coronado G
10:15 am - 11:05 am, Monday, September 25
Scouting the Adversaries: Utilizing ATT&CK to Assess Your Defense
Information Security Management
Session Abstract: Want to know what cyber attackers are going to do to exploit your information systems? The free resources of MITRE ATT&CK can tell you. From reconnaissance, through privilege escalation and lateral movement, to C&C and exfiltration, the tactics and techniques that are used for each attack stage are organized in this knowledge base. This session will show you how this information can be used to ensure your defenses are complete, and address the weaknesses that each attacks stage is designed to exploit.

Summary: This presentation will show how the MITRE ATT&CK matrices can be leveraged to perform a thorough review of your organization's information security program. You will see the ATT&CK resources, learn how to develop control tests, and improve your cyberattack readiness.

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