Fiesta 2
3:35 pm - 4:25 pm, Tuesday, September 26
Zero Trust and Third-Party Risk: Reduce the Blast Radius
3rd Party Risk
Session Abstract: Zero Trust has become the recognized strategy by both business and cybersecurity leaders to drastically lower the risk of breaches. Zero trust is built on the principle of “Trust No One”. Taking this principle into the Third-Party Risk world is new to nearly every organization and yet there is a huge need for how to solution for it. We will explore a way to implement ZT into your Third-Party Risk space, vastly lowering the blast radius of any vendor breach or security incident.

Summary: This presentation leverages an easy-to-follow "OSI-model" for Zero Trust and Third Party Risk to allow practitioners to have a much simpler process to follow and understand how to implement ZT in this high-risk space of Third-Party Risk.

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