Fiesta 5
1:40 pm - 2:30 pm, Monday, September 25
The Secret Weapon of Deal Making: The (Hidden) Value of Risk-Management Data
Risk Mitigation

Organizations often look at security and compliance as a cost center. However, the data that GRC and security teams collect for risk identification and strategies for addressing those risks can provide unique and valuable insight and information for their internal partners - particularly when it comes to current and future transactions. Teams that can effectively identify and communicate the business value of such information gain increased influence and resources as sales and revenue enablers. You've already invested in the collection and synthesis of this data; you can now show the business what it (and you) can really do. This panel will discuss new ways to become a critical partner by leveraging your risk data, understand how to better work as a business enablement partner within the organization and how to leverage the data you've acquired to help make better decisions and deals at the negotiating table.

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